Monday, November 30, 2009

2AM fog from my deck!

Fog and an almost full moon made for some interesting photos off my deck last night.

Kinda sci-fi ish isn't it?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Colorful day in the Columbia Gorge!

Our busiest season (summer/fall) for Blaine and Bethany Photography is finally winding down after a crazy year! Still have a bit editing and albums to finish up but it's been nice to have some free time to get outside and shoot!

Here are a few photos I shot today, sunrise and sunset! The days are short this time of year so it's easy to have time for both.

Incredible un-enhanced colors at sunrise-

Mt. Hood, Oregon at sunrise-

Oak trees-

Mt. Adams, Washington at sunset, check out that color!

Mt Adams Washington-

Sunset colors-

Mt. Hood Oregon, with the White Salmon bridge in foreground-

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Downtown Hood River!

Just a quick photo I shot last night of downtown Hood River, I love home. :)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Panorama photo of Hood River, Mount Hood, Columbia River, and Bingen Washington

I just got home from shooting a beautiful sunset this evening. Definitely had to take advantage of the clear blue skies because it's been gray and raining for weeks! I shot many photos tonight but couldn't wait to get home and stitch together these images I shot as a panorama. It's 18 frames shot vertically on a tripod with a 21 megapixel Canon 5D Mark II camera and stitched together. Printed out at full resolution, the print would be well over 100 inches wide, and that is even cropped in!

Who wants to buy the first edition fullsize print? :)

It'll look like crap below but click to see it larger. It may take another click to see it larger because browsers often scale down to fit the width of your screen...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

gettin crazy at Point Reyes

I used to shoot these kind of photos all the time in my earlier days of photography... not so much anymore though. Guess I just got a little bored of it. Last month in San Francisco it was fun to do this shot and revisit that style! Got it right on my first try. :)

30 second exposure on tripod. After the exposure started I'd hop in the car and punch it... drive fast with only parking lights on while passing the camera, then click the headlights on a little ways away from the camera, to avoid overexposing the road and stuff.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More aerial photos of Mt. Hood, Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge!

I could never get tired of hopping in my friend Ken's plane and buzzing all around taking photos and enjoying the beautiful sights. It's such an incredible experience seeing the rugged mountains and landscape from perspectives that not many people ever get to experience! I hope the photos I take bring you close as possible to experiencing it yourself though! :)

The conditions weren't absolutely perfect for photography like our previous trip, so the photos aren't quite as good, but still spectacular nonetheless! The blanket of fresh snow on Mt. Hood was gorgeous!

I think those are "lenticular" clouds over Mt. Hood, which means super high winds! We didn't even get really close to Mt. Hood but still experienced 45 knot winds!

We buzzed away from the Mt. and cruised over the Columbia River for a bit. Here is a freight train heading east in Washington.

Every mountain bikers favorite spot... Syncline! See the trail zigzagging up?

The lighter blue house is ours! :)

Sharp turn before heading into to land!

My sister Lindsey got to come along and enjoyed it... although she later admitted she was on the verge of puking the whole time! Not at the fault of our pilot... just that the Frangers don't do so well with motion sickness. :)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

2009 Starvation Ridge 24 (almost 25) hour race

Last weekend on Halloween day I headed out to the OTBG annual 24/25 hour race at Starvation Ridge track in Goldendale (or Centerville?), Washington. 2008 was my first year going out there, and it was definitely worth going back! Both years I helped out as a sweep rider, which basically means I have fun and ride the 26 mile track while looking out for anyone who has crashed or needs help in any way.
Of course I bring my camera along and shoot some fun photos. Last year I definitely went crazy shooting thousands of images. I loved the dust in 2008 and it looked really great in the photos. You can check those out here:
Part 1
Part 2

This year was a bit more wet and perfect dirt for motos, so I ended up riding a lot more than I shot photos! Actually, I didn't take any photos until it was dark out. I only took a handful of images, all long exposures with available light of the moon and moto lights. I really enjoy taking these night exposures... hope you like them!

5 minute exposure-

30 second exposure-

3 minute exposure, Mt. Adams-

2 minute exposure-

30 second exposure-

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gorgeous sunset over the Columbia River

Yesterday was a busy day running errands in Portland from 7AM till we got home at around 3PM. I was totally spent and needed to get a million things in the office but was feeling like I absolutely needed to get outside and shoot some photos. Even though it was hazy, cold, and pretty much ugly out I headed to one of my favorite spots and then hiked about a mile to get the best view. It wasn't looking like much when I got there but then the sky all the sudden opened up and I was blessed with the most incredible sunset ever! I brought two cameras and two tripods and was shooting like crazy. So much fun!
Here is just one shot to give you an idea. I unfortunately don't have time to work on all the others but here is a preview at least!

What you see in the photo is the Columbia River Gorge, city of Hood River Oregon on the left, Bingen Washington on the right, and the Hood River toll bridge connecting the two states.