Friday, June 27, 2008

Where the heck am I?

10 points to first person who guesses where the heck this picture was taken!

Congrats Igor you were right! It was taken just a few days ago at Niagara Falls from the USA side. It's called the "Skylon Tower" and it is on the Canada side. I knew people would guess the space needle because that is first thing that comes to mind... but, if you've been to Niagara Falls then you would recognize this no problem. 10 points to Igor!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots of new stuff for Blaine and Bethany Photography!

I'm super excited to finally announce lots of new stuff for Blaine and Bethany Photography!

1) Brand new website with all new updated images.

2) Brand new blog for Blaine and Bethany Photography.

3) Facebook Page for Blaine and Bethany Photography. Check it out and become a fan! :)

4) Our new office in downtown Hood River, Oregon.

Check it all out at our first post on the new blog-

Just an FYI- I'll most definitely keep posting to this blog often as possible for my own photography and random life stuff. The other blog will mainly be for our wedding & portrait photography. This blog has always been mainly focused on all my other photography rather than weddings & portraits.
I'm hoping to totally re-do my Blaine Franger Photography website within the next month or two as well. It's really bad that I have images on there that haven't been updated for 3 years!

The new blog and website still have some tweaking to do with colors and minor things... but please let me know if you have any positive or constructive feedback. Thanks!

Monday, June 23, 2008

quote of the day from my cousin Danielle

Yesterday at a family BBQ get-together in San Diego my 9 year-old cousin Danielle had us laughing soo hard.
The subject of Chuck E Cheese's came up, and she volunteered her strong opinion on the place.

"Eww, Chuck E Cheese's! You know what I call that place? Chuck E DISEASES. All the kids running around that place all have snot coming out their noses, it's gross. The balls and toys stink. And that person in the mouse costume.... you never know WHO is in that thing! My friend had her birthday party there. I left."

A pic of Danielle just seconds after she said this... while were all dying from laughter!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

on empty

Anyone have a small fortune I can borrow, to fill my tank!? Holy cow... I can't believe what is happening with gas prices! Bethany and I flew to San Diego today, rented a car, and the first gas station we saw was $4.67 a gallon! I thought Oregon was bad at $4.15!

How much is the gas where you are???

Monday, June 16, 2008

US Open... Tiger Woods is insane!

I've always loved playing sports a lot more than watching them, but man, yesterdays golf US Open was intense! Tiger is incredible. Everyone thought the underdog was going to take the win but Tiger recovered with a ridiculously sweet putt on the 18th hole to tie it up!
So now they are playing it off on the 13th hole right now. I've got so much to do today because we are leaving tomorrow for a 2 week trip... but I can't resist watching the action live on the bottom corner of my screen... Go to and you can watch it live!

18th hole is done... still tied!!! Sudden death starts now!!

**Edit again**
Tiger won. Surprise Surprise.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Back in time

If I want to remember something, I take a photo of it. It's just the way I think and function. Thats why I always carry digimon with me everywhere!
Sometimes for fun I pull out my old hard drives and check out back in time what I was doing, what I was shooting, and where I was in my timeline of life. I thought I'd blog a few pictures, and maybe do this more regularly on my blog...?

5 years ago on June 6th, 2003: Me, Taylor, and Natalie took a backpacking trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains for our nature photo class at Brooks. That was good times. Taylor got his truck stuck in the sand so we tried for hours to get it out, to no avail. So we slept there overnight and this dude rescued us in the morning. I named him desert Jack, we never got his real name. He was quite the character!

4 years ago on June 9th, 2004: I shot this for fun while I was going to Brooks and I lived in Santa Barbara. I set my camera on the ground, opened the shutter, and then drove the car to streak the taillights through the image. Kinda fun.

3 years ago on June 9th, 2005: I photographed rapper "Common" at the San Diego HOB for Risen Magazine. I was living in San Diego at the time, and was just 9 days away from getting married to the woman of my dreams! :)

2 years ago on June 15th, 2006: I was in Michigan visiting Bethany's family, and we went to visit the wonderful Pouget family in Canada. I took some photos of their adorable kids, including this one of their baby Cole.

1 year ago on June 4th, 2007: I was moving from San Diego to Oregon and driving with Bethany and my Mom. They were in a separate car, and I stopped to take photos of this scene.

Recently I've been hanging out with my buddy Seth who is visiting from Japan! Yesterday we ate some Mexican food, then drove around and got some pics of Mt. Hood. This morning we got up at 5:30AM and rode dirtbikes in the hills, and took some photos and videos. Good times. But I haven't downloaded any of those yet, so no pics yet!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Awesome deals for photographers!

Hey photographers,
Just thought I'd post this real quick, because if you need some new Canon stuff, it's the time to buy it! Wish I would have bought my new 16-35mm lens a couple weeks later, I would have saved $100! But you never know when they are going to announce these specials, so there is no use waiting around for them unless you have the time to.

I buy 99% of my photo gear from B&H Photo in New York. Great prices, good service, good website, fast shipping...

Special 1: Canon Cash Back (Instant Rebates... no need to send a bunch of stuff in and get a check 2 months later!)

Special 2: Sandisk Memory Card rebates

I just ordered 3 Sandisk ExtremeIII 8gb cards from Amazon for a total of $275.85 including shipping. I'll get a $160 visa cash card back for the rebate. That means each card comes out to $38 each. Cheap! A friend and I were reminiscing today about how our first 1GB card cost $400! Techie talk....

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Monday!

For those of you who have a "case of the mondays" (line from Office Space, awesome movie) and are checking my blog at work... procrastinating from doing work, (you know who you are!) here are some more photos from my dirtbike ride Saturday evening in the east hills. To our family and friends around the US and the world... come visit us in Hood River! It's gorgeous here!

The yellow wildflowers grow everywhere in the surrounding hills, they are called "Balsam Root"

Mt. Hood at sunset

Mt. Rainier in Washington

It was basically dark when I shot this one. 30 second exposure, beautiful light!