Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and the Columbia River Gorge aerial photos

This was my second time (see the first time here) taking a flight over the Gorge with Ken and this time Bethany came too! She was pretty nervous because she has a healthy hatred for small planes (you'd never know by seeing her skydiving blog post!), but Ken did a great job of putting her at ease and taking it easy. :)

We started off flying over the Columbia River. These two shots are looking east right past Mosier. Everything is so green in the spring!

We then flew around Mt. Adams in Washington, which is incredible! So much open country out there. I'd see dirt roads and trails everywhere and wonder how I could get to them on my dirtbike.

Mt. Rainer was even out on this super clear day. Mt. Adams in the foreground, Rainer in the back-

Rolling hills and a lake in Washington-

View into a convex mirror on the plane-

Columbia river at Cascade Locks, and Bridge of the Gods towards the bottom-

Mt. Hood in all it's glory! We flew around it 4 times I think... so lots of different angles! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mountain!!! 11,239 feet tall!

Gorgeous sunset-

If you have any favorites in particular let me know!

I feel so blessed to live in this amazing place and all of this beauty is right in our backyard. If you couldn't tell, I love Hood River. :)

Thanks again for an amazing time Ken!

A view down the Columbia River Gorge

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night sky, my favorite spot!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coyote Gulch preview

Where have I been lately!? No posts since May 6th! I'm beginning to think I'll never catch up!
We just recently returned from a sweet trip with good friends. First was a couple days in San Diego to see family and friends, then a road trip out to Utah to go backpacking with good friends from college.
We ended up backpacking the Coyote Gulch near Escalante, Utah. What an incredible area!
This is the only pic I've done so far. It's shot inside the gulch where we camped for 2 nights. The rock walls are 300-500 feet tall... huge! The North star was perfectly lined up in the opening and made for a great long exposure.

30 minute exposure @ f/2.8, ISO 100. Canon 5Dmark2 16mm lens. Lit with our little campfire. :)
More to come later!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My favorite spot, again

I just came across these images on my computer that I shot a couple weeks ago, and didn't remember how cool they were.
This was an unusually warm and super gorgeous evening in Hood River. I was up exploring on my dirtbike and stopped at my favorite spot during sunset, and shot these images. The crazy thing is that these are all taken basically from the exact same place, it's just a matter of turning the camera in a different direction! Talk about incredible views! I love this place...

Mt Adams to the North-

Mt. Saint Helens to the North West-

Mount Hood to the South East-

I really enjoyed these UFO like clouds-

I stayed till it was dark and did this 30 minute exposure on my Canon 5DMark2-

The next day I took a flight with our friend Ken, and shot these same mountains in the same light, but from a plane! Got some amazing images... not enough time to work on them now though!

2009 Starvation Ridge 12 Hour race photos

Last year I photographed the Starvation Ridge 24 hour race and it was an absolute blast! I got some really great images and also had a great time riding the track as a "sweep rider" which means I'm just riding around looking for any kind of trouble and helping out, etc. You see those pics here.
I decided to head out for this years 12 hour race and be a sweep rider again, and hopefully shoot some photos too. The weather wasn't anything amazing (lots of rain) and the good light for photos lasted about an hour total, so I ended up doing a lot more riding and hanging out than shooting. It was fun though. I wasn't even going to post these images but friends and people from the race have been asking where they are... so I figured I'd throw them up!
Thanks to the event organizers Scott and Debby for putting all this on year after year, and letting me come to sweep ride and shoot photos.
Also thanks to the Team Watson guys for letting me hang out in their pit out of the rain and bug them with dirtbike questions for the technically impaired (ME)...

Scott giving a little talk before the start-

Next 8 shots are Wiley Watson, he's a ripper! Son of moto performance & suspension extraordinaire Tom Watson.

Other random guys-

Some nice landscapes with the wind farms!

Richard Hallman came out to shoot for the day too, he's an amazing photographer in Hood River. It was getting dark and windy right about this time, and he was freeezing in his shorts so I gave him a ride back on my bike.

I stayed till dark and played around with some night photos, but didn't get much of anything good... here are a couple...