Monday, May 17, 2010

Blast from the past- My Photography portfolio in 2004

When I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in December of 2004 all I wanted to do was stock photography. Not the cheesy stuff you see all over the place, but rather fun intriguing images with a concept behind them. Stock photography has completely and totally changed since then... in bad ways for professional photographers, and good ways for amateur photographers. There aren't too many professional photographers making a good living doing just stock photography anymore. Luckily I didn't put all my eggs in one basket and I (we) branched into wedding and portrait photography, travel and fine art photography, and even some advertising and editorial photography. So the downturn in stock photography wasn't too detrimental for my business, but I rather just realized I needed to make some changes and not concentrate on one thing only.

Anyway, I was just looking though some old hard drives and came upon my "graduation portfolio" images from when I graduated in 2004. Remember all I wanted to do was stock photography, so that's what this work mostly reflects. Fun to look back at all these older images! I still have some stock images on Getty Images site here if you'd like to check them out. Surprisingly, it actually still does pretty well and I get royalty checks in the mail every month, sometimes as little as $50 and sometimes for thousands of dollars, it's very up and down!

Anyway here are the portfolio images from 2004:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mt. Hood with a beautiful cloud cap

Shot this photo yesterday of Mt. Hood with a sweet looking cloud cap! Image is shot from the driveway of beautiful Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast in Parkdale, Oregon. They have such an awesome close-up view of Mt. Hood!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Checkout my new blog and archives at this blog too

Lately I've been devoting all my "blogging time" to my new daily photo blog "Beautiful Hood River" so definitely go check it out here-
Or just click on the pic below! Use the back/forward arrow keys to browse through the images or you can use the mouse too.

There is lots to look through on this blog too, if you look at the whole first page then just click on the archives below on the right! Does anyone know how to add the "older posts" and "newer posts" buttons at the bottom of this blog template? I've seen it on people's blogs but have never been able to figure it out!

I have TONS of new stuff to post here soon but not quite yet... time is short and I have a lot going on right now... Thanks for your patience though!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Featured on "blogs of note"

The folks at Google's Blogger department apparently have taken note of my blog and featured it on "blogs of note". Sweet! Now I feel like I need to blog about something interesting and noteworthy... maybe tomorrow. :)

Spike in web traffic!

Monday, May 03, 2010

3rd Place in Alaska Airlines 2010 Photo Contest

A few days ago I got great news that I placed 3rd in the Alaska Airlines 2010 Photo Contest! Not bad for more than 1,500 entries. :)

If you're taking an Alaska or Horizon air flight in the near future, checkout the magazine to see the winners! Click here for a PDF of all the winners.

Here are scans of the Alaska Air magazine (the Horizon one is a little different but in Alaska's my photo was a bit larger)


Page with my Puffer fish image-

A few friends have already been on flights and congratulated me on Facebook, this is the funniest one by my buddy James Munk, haha!