Monday, August 29, 2005

our new apartment!

We moved into our new apartment about a week ago, and we love it! The only problem is that we don't have any furniture, except for a really nice bed that we bought a few days ago. First night we slept on the hardwood floors, fun fun. At least we had tons of blankets to put down! But today were going to IKEA so hopefully we'll find some good stuff to buy...

The best thing about our apartment is that it's 3 blocks from the beach!!! I've been surfing almost everday. Now I just need to teach Bethany so we can go out together! The only problem with living so close to the beach is that I never get any work done! Maybe it will get old after a while, probably not though...
Here's a picture from (a really cool website) so you can see where we live.

Here's some other snapshots from the past week. I Hope these photos make you want come visit us! I'll post some pics of the inside when we get some furniture!

-Skatin' to the beach-

-At the beach!-

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

road trip pics

Sorry it's been so long since I put up any photos! I finally had some time to put together some photos from our most recent trip from Michigan to California. They're just digimon snapshots, so don't expect amazing photos. FYI "digimon" is my little Canon point & shoot camera that I never put down. I've shot about 4,000 photos with it in the last 2 months alone.

We both took a ton of good pictures with our big cameras too, but haven't even started editing through those yet!

Here are a few photos from the trip-

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Apple is the best company ever

Today Bethany and I took a 3 year old iBook (that we barely ever use anymore) to the Apple store because the screen stopped working. We told the dude what was wrong and explained the history of problems the computer has had. He looked at us and said "So what do you think about the new iBook G4"?
He totally hooked us up with a brand new iBook that's way better and faster! We didn't have to argue or try to persuade him at all! He gave us the computer right then and there, and also 27 cents change! Is that cool or what!? Moral of the story, always buy Applecare with your computer...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

published in Mens Health Magazine

A few months ago Mens Health Magazine (Italian Version) contacted me because they needed photos for an article about "Speed and Velocity". They had found my website and thought that my photos would be a perfect fit for the article. Speed and motion is totally one of my favorite things to photograph, so I was happy to sell them the images! I only have one copy of the magazine, so I scanned the pages wth my photos so all you can see!

-The cover (not my photo)-

-Contents page (photo on top is mine)-

-Another inside page (top right photo is mine)-

-Double page spread with my weird feet picture-

-Airplane landing at Santa Barbara Airport-

-Big ship on Lake St. Clair, MI-

-A fun car lights swerving picture in Boulder, CO-

-Train nightshot in Mojave Desert, CA-

-If anyone knows what this says, let me know!-

-If anyone knows what this says, let me know!-