Monday, January 30, 2006

more new photos

These are a few photos from my recent trip to the Northwest...

Vancouver, WA

Troutdale, OR

Hood River, OR

San Francisco, CA (from Treasure Island)

Friday, January 27, 2006

awesome night

Last week in Southern California we had some stormy weather which created some spectacular clouds for shooting. And also we had a full moon, so everything was perfect to go shoot at night. I headed out at midnight and didn't stop until just before the sunrise at 5AM. I got a bunch of cool pictures, so here are some that I picked out-

And then that same day I went back out at sunset and shot these photos-

Sunday, January 15, 2006

new Brooks website, finally!

Brooks Institute of Photography, the college I attended, finally put up their new website! The old website was really ugly and had not been updated for like 5 years.

The new website looks great and finally has some nice style. It was designed and built by the one and only most excellent Chris Orwig, one of my favorite teachers at Brooks. Great job Chris!

My work was selected to be in the "Student Spotlight" so I have a mini gallery up on the site- check it out here!

Check out my friends (and Bethany, my wife!) who got selected as well! Here they are- Bethany Franger, Courtney Turner, Kodiak Greenwood, Peter Dawson, Scott Mansfield, and Taylor Abeel. Tons of talent!

Friday, January 13, 2006

home sweet home

We are back home to sunny San Diego from our month long Christmas vacation. It was an amazing trip and I was able to do a bunch of shooting with our new camera! I have tons of new photos but no time to post them, so I'm just going to post one for now. I shot this 2 days ago in my favorite big city, San Francisco. The fog was incredible looking with the trees, so I spent about an hour shooting here. What's amazing is that this spot is literally just 500 feet from the Golden Gate Bridge! That's what I love about San Francisco, it's a huge city but there is natural beauty everywhere.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

cool road in Oregon

Yesterday I photographed one of my favorite spots, a really cool road near my parent's house in Oregon. The road is fun to photograph because it has these big sweeping turns everywhere and it's in a very beautiful location right beside the Columbia river, which is huge river that separates Oregon and Washington.
I have shot many pictures of this road before, but I decided to do something different and photograph it at night instead of daytime to get a different look. It was essential for a car to drive through during the exposure so the headlights and taillights streak, making it more interesting. Well the problem in Oregon is that it's very rural and one car passed through during the 1.5 hours I was shooting (I think thats a good problem though). So I put my wonderful wife to work as my assistant and she drove though the photo dozens of times until I got the shot. Good job Bethany!

This is the road during the day (photographed a year ago)-

And these are a few of the night photos from yesterday-

Monday, January 02, 2006

new camera! :-)

Bethany and I have officially switched from Nikon to Canon! For you guys who are not photographers, well, lets just say it's a huge deal to switch camera systems. The amount invested in our Nikon gear (cameras, lenses, flashes, etc...) was at least $20,000 worth of equipment! We are going to be selling all of our Nikon gear, so if your interested shoot me an email and I'll let you know what we have for sale.

The costs of switching are quite enormous, but we were extremely blessed to receive some Canon equipment for Christmas, so that helped us out a lot! This is the new Canon 5d camera-

These are a few of the first images I took with the camera. The quality is incredible!