Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More aerial photos of Mt. Hood, Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge!

I could never get tired of hopping in my friend Ken's plane and buzzing all around taking photos and enjoying the beautiful sights. It's such an incredible experience seeing the rugged mountains and landscape from perspectives that not many people ever get to experience! I hope the photos I take bring you close as possible to experiencing it yourself though! :)

The conditions weren't absolutely perfect for photography like our previous trip, so the photos aren't quite as good, but still spectacular nonetheless! The blanket of fresh snow on Mt. Hood was gorgeous!

I think those are "lenticular" clouds over Mt. Hood, which means super high winds! We didn't even get really close to Mt. Hood but still experienced 45 knot winds!

We buzzed away from the Mt. and cruised over the Columbia River for a bit. Here is a freight train heading east in Washington.

Every mountain bikers favorite spot... Syncline! See the trail zigzagging up?

The lighter blue house is ours! :)

Sharp turn before heading into to land!

My sister Lindsey got to come along and enjoyed it... although she later admitted she was on the verge of puking the whole time! Not at the fault of our pilot... just that the Frangers don't do so well with motion sickness. :)


Blogger Michelle said...


11/11/2009 8:00 PM  
Blogger Stratoz said...

just go ahead and make me miss Oregon... lovely and amazing photos!

11/12/2009 6:55 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice portrait of your sister. Great landscapes too!

11/13/2009 6:14 PM  
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Anonymous Ron Niebrugge said...

Those are great! I love shooting aerials!

12/02/2009 10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant, came across your stuff by accident doing a search on cabo..where my friends just left for, this morning..and your pictures are amazing. Not to mention i am very ignorant in my knowledge of oregon and it looks beautiful.
Makes me want to learn to take pics like this...some day. cheers from shark in toronto

2/22/2010 10:04 AM  

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