Monday, August 29, 2005

our new apartment!

We moved into our new apartment about a week ago, and we love it! The only problem is that we don't have any furniture, except for a really nice bed that we bought a few days ago. First night we slept on the hardwood floors, fun fun. At least we had tons of blankets to put down! But today were going to IKEA so hopefully we'll find some good stuff to buy...

The best thing about our apartment is that it's 3 blocks from the beach!!! I've been surfing almost everday. Now I just need to teach Bethany so we can go out together! The only problem with living so close to the beach is that I never get any work done! Maybe it will get old after a while, probably not though...
Here's a picture from (a really cool website) so you can see where we live.

Here's some other snapshots from the past week. I Hope these photos make you want come visit us! I'll post some pics of the inside when we get some furniture!

-Skatin' to the beach-

-At the beach!-


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