Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Chubby

This is the van (the Chubby) we rented here in Australia, our home for a month! :)
Its nice and cozy... love it. Matter of a fact, I'm laying in it right now. Bethany is laying beside me asleep and it's raining really hard, I love the sound of the rain on the roof! It's really warm and humid too, probably about 80 degrees. I'm in my boardshorts, with all the windows down (I don't mind the rain coming in!).

Were in Northern Australia, in a little town called Ingham. I think it's about 200km south of Cairns.

Anyway, I'm going to try and work on some photos to put on the blog. Bethany is a much better storyteller and consistent blogger than me, so be sure and check out her blog to see the latest! :)


Blogger eightyone81 said...

ahhh, living in the van...

my VW bus (still main choice of transportation) was my home for a couple month here in SB and I loved it. Good things man, Your travels are an inspiration and luckily for us you are pretty good with sharing it visually. Thanks!

11/18/2007 10:06 AM  
Blogger Tim Halberg said...

haha... nothing like a big bulls-eye on your car saying we're tourists... we might have expensive travel gear ;-)

that's freaking awesome! I WISH I'd love lived outta a van while at Brooks!!!

11/19/2007 5:44 PM  

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