Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Second shot with my new tripod

Last night we went to Costco in Goleta, which is about a 45 min drive from Solvang. I brought my camera because I've always wanted to get a cool shot of this awesome bridge on highway 154. So we explored on the road down below the bridge and I found a spot to shoot from where I could leave the camera for the 45 minute exposure while we were at Costco. It was pretty stashed away in the bushes, so it was extremely unlikely that someone would see it, but that would be super random to come upon an camera like that out in the middle of nowhere.

This was the first 45 minute exposure I've done with my Canon 5d. I am amazed at the quality! Below is a view at 100% so you can check it out. Pretty cool. Only bummer is that the "noise reduction" takes just as long as the exposure, so 1.5 hours later, the battery was almost dead from one shot. I'm going to try a 1 hour exposure next, and see if it works!

I was looking at the image up close, and 7 airplanes flew through during the 45 min exposure. I always wonder who is in those planes, and where they're all going!?


Blogger e+b photography said...

I could never leave my camera unattended like that!

11/07/2007 7:47 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Okay, you both are crazy and cool. I just wish I could be with you on this adventure. We'll be watching you from St. Clair, Michigan. Have fun, be safe and keep those incredible pictures coming! Uncle Pat

11/10/2007 9:22 AM  

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