Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Underwater images from Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I've been having such a fun time in the warm Caribbean waters with my underwater housing from Del Mar Housings. I have a custom housing for the Canon 5D but I've been talking with Erik a bit about getting a new housing for the 5D Mark2... so we'll see!

These are all images from the past couple days. It's so fun to swim around out there and just shoot whatever you happen to see!

I realized I could use the 100mm macro lens in my 16-35mm port, so I gave that a try. Super hard to focus on stuff, so images were mostly all crap... but good to know I have that option. This Barracuda was hangin around for a bit so I got a couple shots of him. During one dive I actually had about 200 Barracuda circling around me (no camera)! I could barely see through them! After some research I found out they hang around snorkelers because they think we're out there hunting, so they want to feed on the scraps of what we kill, haha. Sorry Barracudas... I'm just pokin around taking photos.

These little stingrays are everywhere. I pet lots of them and they seem harmless... although Bethany seems to think they can still sting?

See the Barracudas?

Surge in the water looks really cool with ripply sandy bottoms.

This is the largest Morey Eel I've ever seen. I never saw his entire body but I think he was approx 8 feet long. He's shy but I managed to get a couple shots of him.

Another Barracuda-

Starfish and curious onlooking fish-

Cool arches. I love the way things look underwater!

A couple times I swam out to the very end of Isla Mujeres, which is the Easternmost point in all of Mexico. There are two bodies of water that meet and it creates an insane tip current that shoots off the tip of the island, with big waves and turbulence. I hung out in the midst of it all for a bit. :)
It took every ounce of strength and energy to be in control of where it was taking me. The only way I could shoot this photo was by diving down 20 feet and grabbing onto a rock, so the 15mph current didn't take me out. This is a wave passing overhead. I love experiencing the sheer force water can dish out... I'm sure any extreme kayaker or surfer would agree.

More fun with the waves hitting the rocks, then draining out and creating large waterfalls before the next wave comes in.

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Blogger Munk said...

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3/26/2009 11:35 AM  
Blogger Munk said...

Your shots are amazing!! Looks like you and Bethany are having a great adventure. The underwater shots of the Barracuda are great!

3/26/2009 11:35 AM  
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