Friday, March 13, 2009

Perfect day at Mt. Hood Meadows - 3-10-09

We had the most perfect day of snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows on Tuesday! Lots of new snow overnight and clear skies, crisp cold air too, so the snow stayed dry and light!
I headed up early with a buddy Jacob Hase and got there before the lifts opened so we got lots of fresh tracks. Nothing compares to fresh tracks in dry snow! Ahhhhhhh.

I of course brought up my Canon 5D mark2 and a few lenses and did some shooting. The light in the morning was so incredible. It was really hard to choose between riding seriously or shooting seriously, so I settled somewhere in the middle and did both at the same time. You'll see below. :)

Waiting in line for the first chair to open up. Those tracks are from ski patrol! They always get the first lines down!

Jake getting fresh tracks!

My track on the left, Jakes on the right-

Riding up Mt. Hood Express-

Upper Elevator & Mt. Hood-

This is when I couldn't decide between shooting & riding, so I did both at the same time. 15mm fisheye lens makes it all possible! Sorry there are so many, I couldn't decide on any favorites. :)

I'm actually in the air over a little jump on this one... hard to tell though.


Dropping off a cornice, love the shadow-

This is so funny... somehow my camera clicked during a crash! I'm totally tumbling upsidedown if you didn't notice.

Heather canyon lift viewed from Shooting Star-

This is an area I haven't been to before, but have always wondered how to get there. Thanks to Jake for showing me. I guess it's called "God's Wall".

Jake planning his line down the steeps-

At the top of the cliff I ran into a bunch of new & old friends, some that I haven't seen for years!
Luke Hil from New Zealand, and Miley from Hood River-

Phineas England (Finny!) from Hood River-

I still have lots more images coming from the recent Asia trip... just gotta find time to post them!


Blogger Unknown said...

Fuckin rad shots, man. never been to your site before, i somehow found my way here via facebook. anyway i was up that monday and tuesday and it was sooo sick. anyway thanks for sharing and i look forward to more!!

3/16/2009 11:57 AM  

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