Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Round two of photos from Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Here are more photos from Isla Mujeres. We're still having an awesome time! Tomorrow we're leaving for Playa Del Carmen and checking into a resort for the wedding we're photographing on Saturday.

Random people selling random things:

Chicken heart soup? Bethany ate it! (not the heart, but the soup)

Seagull eating a fish-

Misc beach photos-

Natalie and Bethany relaaaaxing-

Greg showing us his backflip skills-

Beautiful sunset-


Another nice sunset!

Sunrise at the eastern most point in all of Mexico-

Next photos coming soon will be lightning storms and underwater images! Here are photos from yesterday, our first full day here.
Ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres is 30 minutes long and a gorgeous little ride-

We were starving from a long day traveling so first things first... cerveza and fajitas a nice beachside restaurant-

These guys play a song as you're eating for a little tip-

Greg obviously enjoyed the song mucho. :)


These 3 are from the balcony... amazing view of the water and Cancun 8 miles off in the distance.

Adopted fat cat snuggling with my Chacos-

This guy has to be French. They always seem to have interesting bathing suit choices. :)

Various snorkeling shots with Greg-

Natalie and Greg... loving life and still madly in love after 30 some years of marriage. Awesome. :)

Misc sunset shots-

The four of us enjoying sunset-

Mmmm, tacos at the local taco joint. Soooo good!

Some adorable kids at a little carnival we walked to after dinner-

This was hilarious! A couple guys were playing this arcade game out on the sidewalk. So random-

Thats it for now... more photos I shot today coming later on!

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Blogger || davidjay || said...

These are amazing man! Wow! Hey I noticed on your website that you're building a new one! Are you already down the road with someone on that? If not let me know. I'd be happy to give you a free copy of our new Showit app.

Rock on!

3/25/2009 9:37 PM  
Blogger || davidjay || said...

Just email me if you're up for it..

Here are a few example sites:

....but you can create anything. :)

3/25/2009 9:39 PM  
Blogger Lindsey Franger said...

lovely pics. looks like the sniders really made a good decision! I'm looking forward to your underwater pics. Love you guys!

3/25/2009 10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way I could purchase a slide show cd of your isla mujeres pictures? I could look at them all day long!!

4/19/2009 8:51 PM  

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