Sunday, February 15, 2009

A week in Bangkok... lots of Photos!

I’m finally getting some time to work on my first week of photos from Bangkok! It’s so hard to keep up with my blog while on the road…. sorry! Some friends of ours from the Brooks days in Santa Barbara are in Bangkok working on The Blind Project, check it out... Chad, Anthony, and Liem started the project together and are doing amazing things to help out with the horrible issue of children being sold into the sex trade. Heavy stuff!
Those guys are going to be here for 3 months, and they rented a sweet apartment in the middle of Bangkok that they were so kind to offer us to stay at while they were traveling up in Northern Thailand. It was sooo nice to be in a different part of the city than KhaoSan Road. KhaoSan is the backpacker/travelers mecca of Bangkok. There are tourists flocking in by the thousands from all over the world. The streets are chocked full of everything you can and cannot imagine for sale, and you’re constantly harped at by touts looking to make a buck of anything and everything. Basically KhaoSan is fun to see, but miserable to stay at because it gets annoying really quickly. So it was soo nice to stay in the “Sathon” district of Bangkok where there are few tourists (if any) and you get to see some of the real Bangkok. Bethany and I did lots of exploring and we feel like we actually got to see a good part of the city. But in reality we didn’t see anything because this city is GIGANTIC and it would take a lifetime to see it all.
So here are some photos with little descriptions from the first week in Bangkok:

Night shots from the roof of our Hotel-

This dog was totally insane… the owners had trained it well to do tricks, it was so hyper! It looks like it was half bear cub too. Videos coming later…

One of the best ways to get around in Bangkok is by a boat taxi on the Chao Phraya River. Hop on, pay about 13 baht (30 cents) and choose your stop! Lots to see during the rides too-

Love the mailboxes… “other places”

Scrubbing down on his boat house-

Some snaps from a walk through a park-

On the boat taxi again-

This guy selling a bhudda shirt on Khao San Road was adorable. I think he should sell shirts with a photo of himself on it-

Building detail-

One evening I went out by myself just before sunset to shoot images while Bethany was napping. I love these images of a really busy intersection in the middle of Bangkok-

The Chao Phraya River runs through the middle of Bangkok, with lots of boat traffic, hotels, and buildings to add to the scene-

Soi cowboy, one of the main streets where tourists come to in Bangkok to pick up Thai prostitutes at the bars. They call them “sex tourists” and it’s extremely common, you see western white guys walking around with Thai women everywhere. It’s almost more common than seeing married and boyfriend/girlfriend couples who are traveling together-

Full moonrise over Bangkok, and it happened to be a Bhuddist holiday so we went to a temple where they where the Thai’s were celebrating in various ways-

Exploring the alleyways and streets of Bangkok you come across some random stuff! This was a performance with about a dozen actors who were soooo incredibly dressed up and had intense makeup. There was also a big band of instruments. A full on stage, amazing lighting… everything… and it was just in a random alleyway with about 15 people watching. So random! I have videos too that hopefully I’ll get around to posting someday.

That play was so loud you could hear it from a mile away, and through it all, this guy was snoozing away!

Taking a tuk-tuk ride back to the hotel… good times. :)

I hope these images inspire you to travel abroad… getting outside America is one of the best things you can ever experience. You’ll learn so much about other cultures, yourself, and also learn to appreciate home too. :)

BTW, all these images are shot with my Canon 5D mark II and it’s doing an incredible job. The files are so crisp, beautiful, and detailed at 100%, I can’t wait to make some huge prints from this camera!
I have A LOT more photos coming soon from the floating market, and beautiful Phuket too! (where we are now)


Blogger Mike Matas said...

Man, looks awesome.

2/15/2009 10:35 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hey you two, be careful out there and Blaine, sure am glad Bethany gets you out of the Hood once in awhile. Great shots and thanks for taking us all with you on these trips through your camera

2/16/2009 4:34 AM  

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