Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm a techie at times...

My wonderful wife Bethany and I are sitting here in the Portland airport right now. We have a red eye flight to Amarillo, Texas tonight! Were flying out there to shoot a wedding for some really fun and great Texans (which we haven't met yet, haha). The bride is the cousin of our most excellent long time friend David Esler. Thanks David! Can't wait to hang out in good ol' Texas! :)

Anyway, sorry about the major slacking on my blog posts lately. We have been busier than EVER recently with lots shooting and other fun stuff, like my dirtbike! :)
I hope to be posting more this next week as we are in Texas.

So right now I'm in the Portland Airport (best airport ever) because it has free WiFi and it's all nice and new, and really easy to get in and out of.
Our flight was actually supposed to be last night, but supposedly Houston had some gnarley storms last night, and our flight was delayed by like 4 hours. Good thing we called on the way to the airport, and didn't have to spend the night there. So they put us on the flight for the next day, which worked out really well because we went home, slept in our own bed, and got a TON of work done today that feels so good to be done with.
I'm really rambling now, and I'll get to the point of this post now. I'm a pretty techie person at times, but I don't talk or blog about it much, because I like photos a lot more than techie stuff. Some of my friends might say otherwise! :)
So were at the airport super early, because my parents took us into Portland and we all hit up Costco before it closed at 8:30PM. We bought 3 250gb portable hard drives for our trip coming up (3 weeks away!). Bethany thinks we need like 3 more, but I don't know, thats A LOT of images. We'll probably end up shipping hard drives home, and buying more while we are overseas. Who knows.
Anyway, with this extra time waiting for our flight, Bethany decided to read. I think reading is overrated, so I put our mobile office to work. With the stuff you see in this photo, a lot of stuff can be accomplished!

Some of the things in our computer bag-
15" Powerbook G4 (2 extra batteries), iBook G4 (for backup), 60gb iPod photo, 2 Seagate portable hard drives, USB2 Sandisk and Lexar firewire card readers, Bose Quietcomfort 3 noise canceling headphones (quite possibly the coolest things ever. My father in law gave me those for Christmas last year. Awesome gift!) (and I'm listening to a cool band my friend Peter introduced me to called "The Helio Sequence"), Canon SD450 point and shoot camera (digimon), and lots of other little gizmo things. Oh ya, and you can't forget the Planet Earth series! Quite possibly the best DVD series ever. Were going to watch them on the plane.

So that is an overview of our computer bag, now for the camera bag-
2 Canon 5d's (just bought a new one last week), Canon 30d (for my second camera/backup), 70-200 2.8 IS lens, 24-70mm 2.8 lens, 16-35mm 2.8 lens, 24-105 4.0 IS lens (just bought this last week), 100mm 2.8 macro lens, 15mm 2.8 fisheye lens, 85 1.2 lens, 2 580EX flashes, TTL Cords, tons of CF cards ranging from 1gb to 8gb, and lots of other gizmos and things too.
Photo bag (Lowepro Photo Trekker AW)-


Lots of stuff. It seems like way too much, but remember this is for 2 of us. Being a photographer almost requires being a techie too. A good friend of ours is definitely an exception though... click here to see.

Ok time to get on the plane!!!


Blogger e+b photography said...

Ugh, thats so much stuff! I'm jealous. Your setup is savage. Have fun in Texas!

Chris Brodell

10/17/2007 8:47 AM  
Blogger eightyone81 said...

no iPhone?!?

10/17/2007 10:17 AM  
Blogger Tim Halberg said...

you need more gear man... and yeah... you're going to need WAY more hard drive space!!! geez... I almost need more hard drives already and I've already got 6 sets of 500 gig hard drives mirroring each other!!!!

10/17/2007 6:13 PM  
Blogger Lindsey Franger said...

are you bringing you ipod on your trip? if you aren't, can I use it? If you are, you shouldn't, can I use it?

10/17/2007 11:10 PM  
Blogger Chad Cheverier said...

books arent over rated

10/18/2007 9:14 AM  
Blogger eightyone81 said...

Agree with Chad!

Books are pretty valuable!

10/18/2007 12:19 PM  
Blogger blaine said...

jonas- no iphone yet... i wasn't part of that whole craze. i hate talking on the phone, and try to stay away from the phone at all costs. so buying a super cool hip phone didn't make much sense for me. but actually a friend here in texas had one, and today i played around with it for the first time ever. pretty impressive!

tim- ya, probably do need more hard drives! errrr. bethany wins.

linz- your such a franger!

chad and jonas- ya i definitely need to read more. i've tried to get into and it's never stuck. any suggestions to try out!?

10/18/2007 9:02 PM  
Blogger eightyone81 said...


try "The Tipping Point" or "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. They were talked about quite a bit a couple of years ago, but I still think there is stuff to explore in there.

I am with you on the phone situation...

10/20/2007 12:30 PM  

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