Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back home from Seattle but not for long!

I've been in Seattle for the past week assisting on a really fun shoot with photographer Jeffrey Brown. I'm back home now, but only for a few more hours! As always with me, I'm finishing up packing my bags and photo equipment just a few hours before Bethany and I leave to make this drive from San Diego to Lake Powell!
My family and our good friends always try to take a houseboat trip every year on Lake Powell. It's seriously my favorite place in the whole US! So we'll be on our houseboat "The Rhino" for 9 days. I can't wait!

Then straight from Lake Powell were driving to Las Vegas and flying from Vegas to Portland Oregon to shoot my buddy James' wedding on September 16th. Not only is he getting married in beautiful Hood River Oregon (my hometown!) but they are also having an outdoor ceremony at the base of Mt. Hood, it's going to be unbelievable!

I never like to make a post without pics, so here are a few I snapped off from Seattle-

And this is our friends houseboat on Lake Powell-

And this is Mt. Hood from beautiful Hood River, Oregon. Can't wait to shoot a wedding with this in the background!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all great shots as usual Blaine! keep it up :)

9/02/2006 3:34 AM  

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