Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things are a changin'

Hello to my faithful blog readers, or actually I guess it would be blog lookers because there is a lot more to look at than read...at?

Anyway as my title states- Things are a changin'! These past couple weeks my lovely wife Bethany and I have been packing up our apartment in Oceanside (San Diego) for a big move to my little hometown of Hood River, Oregon! We are really excited, even though we are going to miss so much about living in Southern California (especially our family and friends).

But, the good news for our friends and family in San Diego is that our move is not permanent... The plan is to be back in San Diego in January of 2008. Were keeping most of our stuff in storage down here (were actually renting half of the garage from the tenants who are moving in next, haha).

So what the heck are we doing between now and January?? Well, the main reason were moving to Oregon for the summer is because we have a bunch of photo jobs booked in Oregon, mostly weddings and portraits. I'll also be shooting a ton of stock which will be super fun. Were really excited about all of this because were going to be shooting more than ever, and thats what we love to do! Sometimes it feels like it doesn't even matter what we are shooting, as long as the shutter is clicking were happy! :)

And for the super fun part- With all the money were going to save this summer were blowing it all on few months of world traveling! I haven't done much traveling outside of America, Bethany has but it was all pretty long ago with her family, so we are super excited to do some traveling together. Australia and New Zealand are both on the agenda, and possibly Asia (Thailand, India, Nepal) and/or South America. It's all still in the works right now, so we'll see what we actually end up doing. Any suggestions from any of you who have done some traveling would be super helpful and appreciated!

As always I'll be updating the blog as much as possible... so keep checking in... and leave me comments!

Also a big thanks to our awesome friends who helped with the packing today! Peter, Ryan and Stephanie, Lorenzo and Jen, and of course Mom... you guys rock!

And one last photo... this is Mt. Hood with the Hood River Valley in the foreground, where we'll be living this summer. Yes, it is incredible! Seriously it's one of the most gorgeous areas ever! My plan is to post photos like this as much as possible... so all of our friends from SoCal and beyond will come visit us!


Blogger David said...

Wait - does this mean you won't be there when I'm visiting in SB? July 25-Aug 15... please say you'll be there!

5/29/2007 6:37 AM  
Blogger June said...

Have fun! Be safe...but just safe enough to not freak out Tink :) I'll miss you 2....ah well....still.

5/29/2007 11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Australia is amazing, and a must on such a trip. Nina and I backpacked all over for a month last year and loved it. Check out our Australia blog for more informations on places and things we did:www.wombat2006.blogspot.com. Thailand in next on our agenda. Hope you guys have a blast.Cheers!

5/31/2007 10:37 AM  

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