Sunday, May 27, 2007

VW Bus

Ever since my brother bought a really cool VW Bus up in Oregon a couple years I've begun to take photos of cool looking buses. I mostly take them just to show him the photos, but I never actually get around to showing him them, haha. Anyway Colin here is the bus I was talking about the other day when you called.


Blogger eightyone81 said...


Es lebe der VW bus!!! If you ever need some pics of a real high performance van, call me up!!!

5/28/2007 10:37 AM  
Blogger Shoughun said...

That is one rusty VW, It reminds of our Bug that was owned by my grandfather... It has really has rusty VW bug parts, it is so rusty it almost made a big hole on its hood when a branch of tree fell on it.. LOL... I'll try to get some pictures of it...

7/28/2007 12:17 AM  

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