Thursday, March 15, 2007

old stuff...

I was just browsing through some old photos from 2004 because my awesome instructor Chris Orwig (from the Brooks days) asked if he could use a couple of my photos for examples in a tutorial. Looking though some of my old pics inspired me to start posting some older stuff with stories in addition to the new stuff I always post. So here is the first of hopefully many older photos with stories.

Bethany and I were cruising along on a warm summer evening in Michigan when I started seeing all these little glowing things everywhere and I had no idea what they were! Turns out they were fireflies... definitely a first for me! Growing up on the west coast I had never seen anything like it! I made Bethany pull over just so I could catch the little dudes to check them out up close. They are so cool looking! So anyway I wanted to take a photo of the field next to the freeway because it was glowing everywhere, but it didn't really work too well, so this is all I got. It's not even a good photo at all, but it's just a great memory of the first time I ever saw real fireflies!

PS- Chris is an amazing creative dude, check out his stuff and you'll be so inspired!
Photography site one - Photography site two - And his daily photo blog!


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