Wednesday, February 21, 2007

battleships are sweet

This huge battleship has been cruising around off the coast by our place for the past couple weeks. I think it's awesome because I can actually see it from our bedroom balcony. It's fun to wake up in the morning and open the blinds to the sight of a battleship putzing around in the ocean.


Blogger eightyone81 said...

hey Man!

Well I guess that depends where you are. I am sure there is places in the world where a battleship outside the window is not what you want to see when you get up...
did you get my email?

hope to see you this summer...

2/23/2007 1:12 PM  
Blogger blaine said...

Hey Jonas,

Ya that is a good point... in a lot of places that would be a really bad thing to see!

I was just thinking in this situation how I am fascinated by the ships themselves. They are pretty amazing. What they are used for on the other hand is a whole different issue...

2/23/2007 1:43 PM  

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