Monday, October 03, 2005

opening night for lobster season!

October 1st is the opening day for lobster season, so on the night of September 30th all the lobster divers go out and have fun. I went with my uncle Andy and two cousins Drew and Joel. My uncle Andy and his son Drew are such hardcore fisherman. They get soo many lobster and fish it's incredible. And if that's not enough, they built their boat (in the pictures below) from scratch all by themselves in their frontyard! Amazing.

So we got on the boat at 8PM, anchored at our spot and started diving when the season officially started at midnight. We didn't get home until 9AM!

Anyway, the night was a big success all because of Uncle Andy and Drew. They caught mostly all the lobster! I only got 3 and they were all too small so I threw them back... Haha, ya I definitely need some practice!!

Even though I didn't get much lobster I still have a blast scuba diving at night. I see all kinds of cool things like octopus, stingrays, crabs... the list is endless!

I had lots of fun taking photos too. Most of the photos below are just snapshots, but the last 2 I took with my good camera. And another cool thing that happened is "red tide" when the water glows when anything moves through it. Thats is what the blue glow is on the side of the boat. It was so cool looking.


Blogger Nate said...

Good to see you posting again. I think I'm getting a craving for some lobster.

10/03/2005 5:38 PM  
Blogger nate said...

yummm... dinner, u make me so hungery

10/07/2005 1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this lobster was yummy-uncle andy steamed some and bbq-ed the other. i OD-ed on the bugs.
love mom

10/10/2005 10:31 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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5/12/2010 11:00 PM  

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