Thursday, September 08, 2005

funny story from today

About a week ago Bethany and I went furniture shopping and got a really good deal on a sofa/loveseat combination from Ashley Furniture. So today we borrowed my Grandpa's truck to go pick the sofas up and bring them to our place. We couldn't wait to get them set up because we have had nothing to sit on since we moved here!

The guy at the warehouse packed up the back of the truck and said exactly these words- "That ain't going nowhere! No need to tie them down!" Little did he know (and still doesn't know I guess) our loveseat would be tumbling down highway 78 at 60 mph! After he made that statement I still tied them down and went on my way.
Well about halfway home I was driving along and talking to my friend Nate on the phone when I said "OH CRAP I gotta go! Bye." At that moment I watched in the rearview mirror as the loveseat rolled out the back of the truck and either tumbled, slid, skid (or all the above) down the freeway at 60 mph! Somehow the loveseat slipped past my ropes, and I still have no idea how it did that! Anyway, luckily the car behind me was pretty far back so he was able to avoid it by braking and swerving. The couch in the middle of the freeway caused an instant traffic jam and of course the California drivers were all honking and getting ticked off instead of offering to help me out. I was able to drag the sofa by myself 2 lanes over to the left shoulder where the truck was stopped. Here's a couple pictures I took right after I put the sofa back in the truck-

Another funny thing is that Bethany was driving a little ways behind me in her car, talking to her dad on the phone. All the sudden she hit the traffic and was wondering what it was from. She then saw the couch and me and said to her dad "Umm, I gotta go Dad, I just passed my new couch laying in the middle of the freeway!". Haha!
So the reason we can laugh about this is because no one was harmed at all, and the couch has a couple little battlewounds but it's not that bad at all! Heres a picture of the worst part, and it's on the back of the couch so you can't even see it!
At least now we have a great story to tell our friends who come over and use the couch!!
Lessons learned: 1) Don't listen to the furniture guy who says you don't need to tie down the couches. 2) Tie down the couch better. 3) Ashley furniture is pretty dang tough!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh!Blaine! too bad story!
We enjoy your blog from Japan!If you have time to come Japan,we'll invite you wherever you want!

9/08/2005 7:47 AM  
Blogger nurulsdean said...

you got really cool pics.. you must be a great photographer..

9/14/2005 5:55 AM  

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