Thursday, July 28, 2005

if I could be any animal, I'd be a big hairy spider...

Spiders are no doubt the coolest creatures ever! When you see them up close at night (when they're active), it's amazing. They're incredibly smart and full of energy. If you ever get a chance, grab a flashlight and head outside late at night. On the west coast, especially in Southern California, you'll probably see lots of black widows. Here in Michigan (where I am now) there are tons of these big fat brown spiders. There is this tree in the backyard that seems totally empty during the daytime, but at night it's crawling with THOUSANDS of spiders!
A couple nights ago I started taking photos at 10PM and finished at the 5AM sunrise. It was a blast. I got some pretty cool pictures but I'm not totally satisfied so I might do it again tonight! Here are some of the photos.


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