Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Outsourced" the Movie

Bethany and I just watched a DVD called "Outsourced" about a guy from Seattle who has to go to India for work and deals with all the cultural differences. So so so funny, especially if you've been to India you'll laugh the entire way through. If you haven't been to India before, you'll just wonder what the heck they're taking about the whole time.
We laughed so hard at this part about Holi festival. The clip below is exactly what happens, but it's toned down in the movie... at least toned down from what we experienced in Kathmandu, Nepal.

And here is what we looked like after just a few minutes in the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal on Holi day.


Blogger Colin Franger said...

I saw 'Outsourced' at the Bend film festival a couple years ago. I loved it. I bet it was even funnier for you guys.

11/16/2008 7:21 AM  

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