Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun weekend

I had an awesome weekend! Saturday we photographed a wedding in Hood River that was super fun and bursting with energy. The wedding had us busy from 10AM till Midnight... long day! See more here.

Sunday we started off going to church for the first time in a while, since we've been out of town on and off for so long. After that we headed up to my parents house and I got out on my dirtbike for a super fun ride... while Bethany did the laundry... ;) Had a little bit of sandwich crust lunch (long story) and then headed off to go hike Beacon Rock with some new and old friends. A few weeks ago we met Amos Lanka who moved to Hood River to work at the amazing Summit Projects. Amos grew up on a cattle ranch in Nebraska. Awesome.
Anyway Amos is friends with Jillianne, who I knew in elementary school but haven't seen for like 10 years... so it's been fun to hang out and catch up with her again.
Also we met a new friend Parker Fitzgerald who is Amos' friend from Colorado. Parker just recently moved to Vancouver from Colorado, so hopefully we'll be hangin out with him often.
And of course my lovely wife Bethany joined along. :)

After the hike we hit up Full Sail Brewery for some dinner & brew. I actually wasn't hungry because I ate so many sandwhich crusts for lunch... so I had a "plate of beer" for dinner as Amos called it. haha. The photo below is a bit deceiving... Those are just little 4 ounce sample glasses... I did NOT drink 7 pints!

On the way out of Full Sail we ran into a man named Richard who is riding across America on his bike. He just so happens to be almost done with his trip, which started in New Hampshire and ends on the Oregon Coast. I offered him a place to stay and he gladly accepted when he heard he'd have his own bed and warm shower (his alternative was camping in someones backyard). Richard rode his bike to the ice cream shop while we all (minus Parker) headed up to our place for some original Nintendo action. Anyway we heard some great stories from Richard and I was really inspired to do a similar trip sometime in the near future. You can check out Richard's blog of his adventures on the road here.

And that was my weekend! Time to get back to work....

Oh ya, photos!
Beacon rock hike, looking west towards Portland-
Looking East toward Hood River-
Awesome switchbacks going up the huge rock-
Bethany Parker Amos-
Amos and Parker smokin their pipes-

The group at the top-
My "plate of beer"
Richard Bowen-
Richard wanted a group shot for his blog, so I snagged one too-


Blogger Lindsey Franger said...

Fun times. Did you kick everyones fanny in a game of good old fashion nintendo baseball?

7/29/2008 8:11 AM  
Blogger amancay said...

I'm so glad you've connected with Amos, he rocks!

7/29/2008 12:28 PM  
Blogger Mike Matas said...

Beacon Rock! Nice shots.

8/04/2008 12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg that guy in the red is a BABE

10/18/2008 1:17 AM  

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