Wednesday, April 30, 2008

stuff, and stuff (i hate blog titles)

We had a pretty chill resting week in Hood River, Oregon. Adapting to the time change and recovering from the craziness of the trip has been interesting. It's impossible to fall asleep at a decent hour, and impossible to get up at a decent hour, so regular bed hours for me were typically bed at 3AM (fall asleep around 4AM) and get out of bed around 10 or 11AM. It's starting to get more normal though...

Tomorrow (today actually) we fly to Michigan where we'll be for 15 days. We'll visit with Bethany's family and also photograph our first 2 weddings of the year, so that is exciting.

A lot of people have been asking about our trip photos... Well truth is, we haven't even looked at half of them! There are thousands upon thousands of RAW files (about 600GB total) sitting on many hard drives, and even just thinking about starting this project is overwhelming. It will be fun though. We are looking into leasing an office in downtown Hood River so that we can have all our computers, hard drives, cameras, etc etc etc away from home and into a workspace. I would love that. I'll keep you posted.

The plan for our trip photos is to make a huge very involved slideshow with awesome local music from each country, and maybe even some voice narration. It is a big project, and will probably take 4-6 months to finish. Also we want to make fine art prints, and have a gallery show in Hood River, and possibly another in San Diego. I'll be updating as things progress. Patience is a virtue! :)

These are a few photos from our last day of traveling, flying from Beijing China to Portland Oregon.

Terminal 3, Beijing China

Goodbye Asia!

Check out those weird first class seats! I think they actually fold down flat so it can be a bed too.

Clouds and smog over Beijing.

Welcome to USA, but not really... This was actually in Vancouver, Canada. We went through USA customs there. Strange.

I have never been more tired in my whole life. We had stayed up for sooo many hours, and my eyes hurt so bad just trying to keep them open.

Just after we landed in Portland.

First time stepping on US soil (or pavement more like) in 6 months!


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Nice Blaine Welcome back to Oregon!

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