Monday, February 18, 2008

Krabi, Thailand!

We're in south Thailand in Krabi, and loving it. We met up with our friends Mike and Andrea Katz and their friend Karen who lives in India, and it's been so fun to travel with all of them. Check out their website... they are 7 months into their 9 month journey around the world. Serious pros!

Anyway we've been putting around on our scooters, chillin on the beaches, jumping off rocks, and eating our way through the night markets. Mmmmm.

A beach we chilled at yesterday:

The 5 of us at a scooter stop. It's kinda funny how Bethany is the only one with her helmet on... she looks like the "special one" of the group who has to walk around in a helmet. haha.

Mikes rad pic of me diving off a rock at sunset:

And getting my fix of dirt (i realllly miss my dirtbike!):


Blogger Tyler Roemer said...

Is that Tom Hanks from Castaway? Your lookin' sassy Blaine!

2/21/2008 8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT SHOT OF BLAINE IN HIS MIND.... Destroying a rental vehicle


3/19/2008 2:21 PM  

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