Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tis the season to get married!

Sorry about the sporadic posts recently! Bethany and I have been keeping busy with lots of wedding photography. We've photographed 3 weddings in the past 3 weeks, which felt pretty busy... but it's going to be nothing compared to whats coming up this week- 3 weddings in 1 week! Were shooting weddings on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week then one the Friday after that. But then we have 3 weeks off until our next one so that will be some nice to catch up.
I used to blog about each wedding but I've kinda stopped doing that and have been posting slideshows on our slideshows page instead. So if you feel like watching some fun wedding slideshows, check it out HERE!
All this shooting takes up some serious disk space! A few months ago I bought a few 400 gig hard drives and they're full already. Tomorrow Bethany and I are running errands and meeting clients in Portland and I'm going to the uber-geeks heaven Fry's Electronics to pick up another terabyte or so. That will put us somewhere around 5 terabytes (5,000 gigabytes) of photos. Crazy!

Here are a few images from the past 3 weddings that are some of my favorite (in no particular order). Bethany most likely took the super sweet ones! :)


Blogger The City Girl said...

these are seriously sweet! and hey! did you guys move back up north?

8/09/2007 12:29 PM  

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