Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sorry about the title... I just had to.

Bethany and I were happy to arrive in Jackson Hole 2 days ago and but sadly were about to hit the road and go back to Oregon today. We've been staying with, as much as I hate the term "Best Friend", it just doesn't sound right simply saying "friend", so we've been staying with my BFF (best friend forever, haha) Grant Galloway and his awesome wife Kristen. The visit was way too short because I have to be in Portland tomorrow for a photo shoot with Embry Rucker, but we'll be back this summer for sure.

Here is one photo of the 4 of us cruising on a golf cart at the amazing golf resort Grant works at, more photos coming soon!


Blogger Kevin Keith said...

Next time you roadtrip it you need to pass through KC. I am still bummed that I missed you guys in Minnesota. Hope your trip was as awesome as your blog said it was.

7/20/2007 9:38 PM  

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