Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sorry the blog posts have been so minimal recently... I've been keeping really busy assisting a bunch of different photographers on some really cool shoots. My good friend Peter has been shooting/directing a music video for the band Future of Forestry, it's going to be super amazing when it's done. We've been shooting on and off for the past 2 weeks, and just finished all the shooting today. I set up my camera and did a 2 day long sequence (almost 7,000 photos!) of us shooting in the studio... similar to the one I did at lake powell, check it out HERE. I'll post the new one soon.

I also recently worked with a super cool photographer from Portland named Steve Bonini, check out his site HERE

And for those of you who are hoping for some new pics... Sorry it's not going to happen for a bit because I'm going out of town Tues-Fri with photographer Jeffrey Brown to help on some really cool shoots.

So since there aren't any pics in this post, it would be a great time to check out these photographers sites, because they are all really cool!

Peter Dawson
Steve Bonini
Jeffrey Brown

And of course you can always check out me! Blaine Franger


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