Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my 25th birthday!

Thanks so much everyone for the phone calls, emails, myspace messages, instant messages, text messages, blog comments, letters, and and even verbal "in person" happy birthdays! Haha. It's quite amazing how many different ways one can go about saying happy birthday!

I had an AWESOME day, packed full of fun stuff. Come to think of it, these first 23 days of January have all been amazing. By far my favorite year yet... :)

My wonderful wife Bethany gave me two of the coolest gifts ever! I've always loved thoughtful gifts that require a bit of thinking and time to prepare, and she did just that this year! I'll do another post later with pics of the stuff she did, it's so cool.

Anyway I started off the day at 5AM by blending a yummy strawberry, banana, blueberry, and marionberry smoothie. So good. Then I headed off before sunrise to the Torrey Pines golf course where the Buick Invitational is happening this weekend. These past few days I've been assisting a Golf Digest photographer getting photos of Tiger Woods. It's fun to say I was "hangin with Tiger" on my birthday... but in reality I was just "in his presence" along with hundreds of other fans... :) Here is a little snapshot I popped off while he was teeing off above the beautiful pacific ocean.
After a nice day at the course I had lunch with a couple really cool photographers at the delicious Las Olas mexican restaurant in Cardiff. Yum.

Then I got home and actually snuck in a little nap with Bethany, which I haven't done in years and I always forget how nice it is! Bethany planned out some fun things to do like go to the movies, out to dinner, and shopping at my favorite store REI, which all sounded really fun, but on a whim I decided that a nice little bike ride to Carlsbad and a stop at my favorite Pizza/Beer place Pizza Port sounded too good to resist. Mmmm. We are gonna do the movies and shopping tomorrow I think...

So that is the quick rundown (with lots of details left out) of my 25th birthday... Thanks everyone for making it a great one!

A few more snaps-


Blogger Taylor Davis said...

hi. i just thought i'd let you know that i love your shots. i'm here in san diego and my dad marc feldman got your card so i thought i'd check it out. your images are incredible.

1/24/2007 10:02 AM  
Blogger blaine said...

thanks taylor, glad you enjoy the images! your dad seems like a really cool guy. i enjoyed being around him... he's got some good jokes. :)

do you shoot too?

1/24/2007 11:17 PM  
Blogger Colin Franger said...

You two are beautiful people. When my bus gets fixed I would like to take a trip down 101 and get to your house and surf and see your life. It feels strange to not have seen where you guys live. I really want this to happen. Maybe this summer I can do it.

1/25/2007 1:15 PM  

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