Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mt. Hood Sunset from frozen Kingsley Reservoir

I've been itching to get out on my dirtbike for a long time now with all this traveling and finally had a chance to go out for a quick sunset ride this evening. Forgot how much I love being on my Honda CRF450x out there in the woods. So much adrenaline riding fast through the trees, up hills, down canyons... then you get to the top of a viewpoint, kill the engine, and turns from crazy adrenaline trip to a peaceful calm moment with the flip of a switch. I love that I can hop on my bike and ride up some hills a mile from my house and be miles from civilization and totally secluded, in just minutes.
This evening I took my camera bag, hopeful for a nice sunset, and it was beautiful! After riding through a bunch of crusty, chunky, icy snow I stopped at frozen Kingsley Reservoir and got a decent view of Mt. Hood's west facing side with some sunlight on it.
Mt. Hood and sunset, check out the wind blowing snow off the peak! Brrrrr!

And a snapshot of my bike, camera, and frozen Kingsley reservoir with Mt Hood-

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Blaine nice shot. I took one from the exact same spot for a sunset over a month ago and the Res. looked almost identical.


2/21/2010 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Bob Towery said...

Dirt bikes and photography, now we are talking! Way to combine two great hobbies. Beaut shot of mt hood.

6/07/2010 10:47 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

you have wonderful pictures! You capture my 2 favorites!Asheville Dirt Bikes

3/31/2011 4:03 AM  

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