Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lightning over Hood River and the Gorge

We've had a few days of cool weather in Hood River that was screaming lightning storm, but in the end, it was just a big tease! Lightning is rare in this part of the state and it's one of my favorite things to shoot, so if there is even a possibility of it, I'm out there no questions asked.
This was 2 nights ago when I cruised my dirtbike up to a good viewpoint and was hoping to get Mt. Hood with some lightning, but there wasn't any striking around it. There was a few bolts far off over the hills of Washington, so this is the only decent shot I got.

What you see in the shot is the Westside of Hood River Oregon on the bottom right, then the Columbia River with the Hood River Toll Bridge going to the towns of Bingen and White Salmon, Washington.


Anonymous david kleinert said...

awesome photo Blaine - love that colour!!

6/15/2009 4:56 AM  

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