Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blaine's tree jib to air

I had a super fun day of snowboarding on Friday with great people, my sister Lindsey (visiting from San Diego), friend Sarah McAllister, and new friend Chad Hughes. I kind of knew Chad back in the Santa Barbara days but he and his wife Liza recently relocated to Portland, so it's been fun to get to know them better.
Chad brought a little video camera up and got some sweet clips of us playing around in the snow. This was one of my favorites.
This tree was hanging down at the perfect angle to jib and air off into lots of deep powder. Look closely and you'll see me ride away clean in the end. Good times! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet, we gotta shred one of these days. Luke @double mtn

1/05/2009 4:37 PM  
Blogger Ben Quesinberry said...

I didn't know you had those kind of skills!

1/11/2009 4:00 PM  

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