Friday, January 18, 2008


We arrived in Cambodia yesterday. It's really hot compared to Vietnam and China, but I think it feels nice.
Today we had a leisurely day walking around Siem Reap. Had a great lunch at a local Khmer kitchen. We noticed an American couple at the restaurant who didn't look like tourists at all, so we talked to them and ended up having lunch together. It turns out they live here and they own a tour company and B&B called Journeys Within. Check out their websites and their profile (Brandon and Andrea Ross), really cool stuff!
Then we went to dinner with a local we met through couchsurfing named Khemrin. He took us to his cousins restaurant outside of the city where no tourists go, only locals. The food and beer was unique and sooo good!

Tomorrow we'll be exploring the Angkor temples on a hired tuk-tuk. :)


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