Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm way behind...

I've been shooting A BUNCH recently, it's been so fun! But I am really behind on doing blog stuff... so I'll try and catch up soon!

Today we drove to Biscayne National Park but realized when we got there that it's basically an underwater national park... so you need a boat to see anything. We had all our snorkeling stuff, but no boat, so we'll go back later when I have a boat because the diving looks incredible!

After Biscayne we cruised a bit more south to Everglades National Park, wow, that place is awesome! It's funny because we were stopping so many places and seeing so much stuff we only made it about 5 miles into the park before it got too dark to see anything. But we did have time for a little hike which we got up close and personal with a bunch of wildlife including alligators, toads, a ton of different types of birds, and even a super venomous coral snake!

So, with that said I have a bunch of editing to do so I can put up some photos. For now, here is a fun snap of my shadow as I'm standing on top of our rental car.


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