Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Salton Sea, CA = Weirdest place on earth

If you've even been there, then you know exactly what I mean by my title "Salton Sea, CA = Weirdest place on earth".

I was working on a photo job yesterday out east about halfway to the Salton Sea from San Diego. We wrapped the job at about 5PM, so I decided to jet out to the Salton Sea and do a bit of night shooting and car camping.

I ended up shooting a little and exploring a lot. The place is such a wasteland. Abandoned yacht clubs, hotels, broken down cars and buses, and pretty much anything else you can find just scatted around everywhere out there. And add very polluted water with intensely gross smells. It's an interesting experience.

Even though I didn't shoot much, the trip was totally worth it because I actually witnessed with my own two eyes a meteor burning up as it entered the earths atmosphere. It was so cool. Basically it looked like a huge bright fireball coming out of the sky dropping flaming chunks of debris as it left a long trails of sparks behind it. I couldn't get the right lens out soon enough before it burned into nothing so I don't have any pics. You'll have to use your imagination until the next time I see a flaming meteor.

Anyway, here are a few of the photos I took. Also check out the photos from the last time HERE


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